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It only takes one life to change one life.

About LIFE Outreach International

Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry that now rivals the illegal drug trade as the largest crime in the world. A child is trafficked for sex every 30 seconds, creating more than 40 million victims worldwide. With each $128 donated to Mission: RESCUE LIFE, we can Reach a child who is headed for disaster. We can Rescue one from the physical and emotional prison she’s been forced to survive due to human trafficking, or we can Restore to one girl the life God created her to lead. Mission: RESCUE LIFE reaches out to victims in Cambodia, Thailand, India and Ukraine.

Be one in a Million - Not One Of a Million

As an Ambassador for LIFE, Wendy Lyon raises funds voluntarily through her Be One in a Million Campaign. Because the funds are raised voluntarily, 100% of what Wendy raises goes directly to Reach, Rescue, and Restore these precious children to the lives they were meant to lead. All gifts are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your taxes directly from LIFE Outreach International, a 501c(3) established for over 50 years.

Any donation, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated.

To be a Sponsor or Join the Fight, contact Wendy Lyon

Deception. Coercion. Enslavement. These words define the sinister world of human trafficking and the sex slave industry. It’s a $32 billion industry – the fastest-growing criminal activity in the world.  The most recent estimate is that there are over 40 million slaves in the world.  12 million are children.

Some 1.2 million children are trafficked or sold into slavery each year. Around the world, two children are trafficked every minute.

Young girls with hopes and dreams of better jobs and opportunities are often the prime targets of traffickers. With the promise of a good-paying job, these young girls – some of them children – are tricked and trapped in brothels to work as sex slaves. They’re beaten if they refuse their captor’s commands and they suffer long-lasting physical and emotional trauma.

LIFE Outreach has developed a simple yet effective outreach strategy to raise awareness about human trafficking and to Reach, Rescue and Restore children living in trafficking hot spots.

Reach children living in the villages where human traffickers target vulnerable, at-risk girls. As we provide much-needed food and resources, we can reduce the need for the families to send their children away to find work.

Rescue children from living and working on the streets. We can encourage them and offer them a new home and a new opportunity to be free from the lifestyle.

Restore hearts, minds and bodies to the beauty God designed for them. Through God’s grace, prayer, ministry materials and counseling, we seek to help survivors overcome the shame of their past.

Mission:RESCUELIFE is currently active in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Greece, Ukraine and other countries known for human trafficking. Currently, LIFE is constructing two safe havens in Southeast Asia for victims from the sex trade to recover.